Bangers and Mash for Dinner

I'm spending a night at home having bangers and mash for dinner. The bangers are outside on the back stoop in the imitation George Foreman grill joined to the kitchen by a long extension cord. I have to make them outside because they smell up the house too much, making everything smell of sausages for days.

This is comfort food for a comforting dinner. Also, I had some in the freezer and I'm lazy and didn't want to go to the supermarket. Laziness, is comforting.

The need for comfort food tonight comes from having a night at home all to myself. Early on during the Comedy Festival I caught a cold and somewhere along the lines I thought the wise idea would be to just power through it, dose myself up on cold and flu tablets and keep going out every night.

Apparently the thing needed to get rid of a cold is plenty of rest. Who knew? So I'm taking two nights off. I will see no shows. I will rest. I will catch up on all the TV I need to watch for Boxcutters. I will eat bangers and mash and try to forget that there's a world outside continuing without me.