Australia and the Death Penalty

Today’s report is an important reminder that the AFP must not expose people to the risk of the death penalty. Evidence shows that the AFP is putting around 370 people a year at risk of execution, more than 95% of which are for drug cases.

Emily Howie quoted in “Parliamentary committee delivers blueprint for Australia’s global leadership to abolish the death penalty”, Human Rights Law Centre

It’s exciting to see some actual movement in this area.

Just over a year since the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran in Indonesia, and a parliamentary report talks about, not just how it could have been avoided, but how it is our duty to try to stop the death penalty around the world.

I’m very proud of all the people I know who have been a part of this battle. This is a tiny step. Recommendations are not the same as taking action.

Now you have something concrete and meaningful to speak to your local member and candidates about over the next few weeks.

The entire report is available at the Parliament House of Australia website.