It’s the perfect apostrophe, Charlie Brown

I wanted to start a new writing project, so of course, what I needed to do was:

Actually, all I needed to do was sit down with a pen and paper.

This is a classic case of Merlin Mann’s "perfect apostrophe" effect.

In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m procrastinating as "an experiment" to see about writing in Editorial and sending it to the WordPress iOS app.

My ability to delay work with important tasks is a monkeys paw (maybe I’m using that wrong – Ed.). It gives me the illusion of being productive without actually producing anything valuable.

In writing this piece alone I've created three new Editorial snippets and adjusted the settings on the iOS keyboard.

It's a slow process but I believe it's possible to be more aware of when I'm being productive and when I'm just being busy to avoid the hard thing.

When I first heard the "Perfect Apostrophe", I learnt that I wasn't the only one. The phrase became a shortcut in my lexicon.

But enough about that. I should probably get to writing.