Executions in Indonesia

It's been difficult to sleep while knowing what was happening at the same time in Indonesia.

My respect and admiration goes to all those who worked tirelessly and against the odds to save the lives of the reformed and the unfairly sentenced: the lawyers, artists, politicians, families and religious communities who worked together for justice.

They brought to light the truest crimes in this case and the real evil in our world: the corruption of those entrusted with the protection of society.

They gave us hope and showed that there is still goodness in humanity when the world is so desperately bleak.

They did what they could and stand as an example for the rest of us.

We should be encouraged to fight against corruption where we see it. We should not let these deaths be in vain but to serve as reminders of the need for vigilance in the pursuit of justice. The people we give authority to must be beyond reproach.

Every day we see governments kill innocents to merely save face or through some lie about protecting us from some scourge or another. We must question these actions at every turn.

People have worked very hard to protect justice. They have given us hope and now, when they must be feeling at a complete loss, it is our duty to return the favour.