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But when it comes to public radio people reading ad copy at the beginning or middle of a show, [Benjamin] Walker told me “that’s a terrible, terrible idea… The leg up that public media folks have going into podcasting comes from this connection to the listener-supported content model,” he said. “And for us to endanger that with the fucking ads seems like a terrible idea. Who’s going to want to give support for their favorite podcast when they hear eight million ads?”

Source: 'Podcasting and the Selling of Public Radio' – The Awl

I really like the way Benjamin Walker tries to protect the atmosphere that keeps trust in podcasting. It's an uphill battle but I respect it.

Remembering when U2 sued Negativeland because they hated criticism

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It's supposed to be a tribute to The Clash but just like the tribute to Joey Ramone, it sounds like a tribute to U2.

via The Nightwatchman: I Thought I'd Give That New U2 Album In My itunes Library A Listen..

I used to really like U2 and then I saw a concert that showed they had no sense of humour. I thought the lack of sense of humour might have been something Phil Janou shot and edited for in Rattle and Hum, but no. It turns out they were just a bunch of people believed their own hype.

I still really like BB King.

Also, how funny is Glenn Peters?

Being first

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Police found a container of accelerant near the body, as well as a liquid container inside a plastic container.

The accelerant was not believed to be spray paint…

…A cyclist, who would not give his name, said the area was popular for "train surfing" and there had been two other deaths from the practice at the same location. Police would not comment on the possibility of the man being a train surfer or vandal.

via Man's body found in Alma Park, St Kilda near Sandringham line gantry.

The problem with being first with the news is that so often reporting these days is just about being first with no solid information.

When in doubt, always print conjecture from a passing anonymous cyclist.