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Small Mindedness Hinders Evolution

I've been thinking a lot recently about mindfulness. The ability to be aware at all times of what one is doing and why means that the work we do is more efficient, the fun we have is more worthwhile, let the good times roll and may the bad ones keep their distance.

That's the plan, anyway. It doesn't always happen like that and often I forget myself and let myself go. The mindfulness I'm talking about requires a lot of energy in vigilance to start with, but the idea is that it just becomes habit.

Mindfulness also means sometimes having to throw caution to the wind and making a quick decision because to debate the pros and cons will create a chasm between the action and its effectiveness.

So with that in mind, I realised today that the enemy of mindfulness is not the chaotic nature of acting without thinking, but small-mindedness instead.

Small-mindedness is the inability to see potential and a fear that deviating from the status quo will only lead to peril. It is a surrender to an idea that because we do something one way, flawed though it may be, it's better than the unknown future provided by the alternative.

The adage of "better the devil you know" is a perfect example of small-mindedness. It seems like such a good idea but in the long run you will find yourself stuck.

Mindfulness requires confrontation on occasion. Decision-making is a form of confrontation. Passive-aggression is small-minded, petty and downright unattractive.

These are just some thoughts that have been running around in my head. Make of them what you will.