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Floate goes to SXSW

Every year Austin, Texas, is invaded by web, coding and design folk who want to learn more about their industry, eat barbecue, drink and meet fellow people with passion.

It’s time for South by Southwest Interactive, or “SXSWi” in shorthand. This March, Floate Design Partners will be well represented by me and Ross Floate as we take part in the biggest interactive conference, festival and all-round get-together the world has to offer.

Ross will appear as a guest on the excellent design podcast, The Cocktail Napkin, hosted by Kansas City polymath Jeremy Fuksa.

Also appearing in the podcast stadium will be Boxcutters, a weekly look at the world of television I’ve produced for the last six and a half years.

Boxcutters is the first Australian podcast to ever be invited to produce a live event at SXSWi and we think that’s a pretty big thing.

SXSWi is an impressive event. Last year there were almost 20,000 people there. Ross and I will be there the whole time and are always up for a chat. Come and say hi if you see us. We’ll do the same if we see you. (We look like this, but colorised.)

Four weeks and counting.

This post was originally published in the Floate Design Partners blog