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Other People’s Success

This morning, at Creative Mornings, Poppy and Scott (from the Pop & Scott Workshop) spoke about collaboration.

They spoke with the easy-going style of the Australian surf/skate community that just makes things work and no obstacle is too grand. In other words, they are so different to so many people we come across in the creative community. It was a delight.

One of the things they mentioned was celebrating other people's success. I think this is something many of us do poorly and I think it's an attitude I'm going to try to adopt.

Success happens through, not just hard work, but a little bit of luck as well. That means it's not entirely in their control, so be happy for them because their hard work is paying off.

If they don't work hard and they still somehow manage to be successful then my challenge will be working out how to be happy for them. I might need a little bit of luck in that department myself.