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Executions in Indonesia

It's been difficult to sleep while knowing what was happening at the same time in Indonesia.

My respect and admiration goes to all those who worked tirelessly and against the odds to save the lives of the reformed and the unfairly sentenced: the lawyers, artists, politicians, families and religious communities who worked together for justice.

They brought to light the truest crimes in this case and the real evil in our world: the corruption of those entrusted with the protection of society.
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Spending 27 years with one mindset

A 1987 news report has surfaced showing a 22-year-old Joe Hockey protesting university fees in Sydney.

via Video shows Joe Hockey protesting university fees in 1987 | SBS News.

I'm no fan of Joe Hockey. I never have been. Sometimes I call him "Joe Cock-ey" privately because I like to be infantile at times. Also, because sometimes he acts like a cock*.

He has presided over one of the most punitive budgets in recent memory, so it's clear he's no fan of mine, either.

What I'm saying is there's a lot not to like about Joe Hockey.

But I don't think that means that we have to hold people to account for something they believed in strongly 27 years ago.

I also don't think that we should take delight in old footage, photos or audio that exists just to embarrass someone while not actually talking about the issues.

Somewhere there is a photo of me and my brother wearing matching tracksuits AND sneakers. We don't do that anymore. Don't call us on it. We just changed the way we like to dress (or who we allowed to dress us).

People change their minds over time. Sometimes their minds are changed for them with briefcases over-loaded with cash. Sometimes it just takes a convincing argument or an understanding of new evidence.

So, stop the chortling about implied hypocrisy and focus back on the issue so that we can actually solve it rather than just whinge.

* Please take this with the cheeky ambiguity with which it was intended (and don't sue).

Making everybody like you

"We must make it clear that Labor is not for one group of Australians, or one sector of the economy, at the expense of others."

via 'Bill Shorten urges changes to ALP union membership rules and leadership selection' from ABC News.

Well, this is just ridiculous. The idea of a political party is that it protects the needs of a particular segment of society. Trying to please everybody shows that the party no longer has a sense of what is important.

Put another way, a political party is based around an ideology. If that ideology no longer exists, the political party doesn't have a reason to exist.

The labour movement in Australia is in trouble. The Labor party is in trouble. The world has changed. No one will protect the workers any more. No one is protecting the small-business owner either.

By trying to be a party of/for everyone, the ALP will completely sell out the people who they should represent in the house. This will be to everybody's detriment.

Winning as a goal

Yesterday, on the flight to Wellington from Melbourne, I caught up on the whole Essendon, ACC, doping and gambling in sports rubbish.

I look at the outrage people feel around this and I don't understand the shock they exhibit.

This is the culture we have built for ourselves. Sport, for the longest time, has been about winning. So has politics.

It is up to us to take winning and relegate it to an outcome or a by-product, rather than a goal. We need to change the way we think about these things.

A game of football should be enjoyable to watch because of the quality of competition and not whether or not our team won. It's difficult because winning is our measurement for success. So divorcing the idea of winning from the joy of competition takes a lot of effort.

Similarly, in government, winning the next election should never be as important as doing the best job possible now. Campaigning should be about belief in what the best job could be rather than what people want to hear.

It is the fault of no particular group that this is what our world has become. It's the way these things evolved.

We have the power to change them,
slowly and over many years. It is incumbent on us to be vigilant and vocal about what we really want.

That being said, if I'm wrong and all we want is to win, then let's stop it with the bullshit shock and disgust. Be honest about what you want, for fuck's sake.