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No occasion required

A couple of weeks ago. Lyndal surprised me with a little gift. It's a "now playing" stand to hold my record covers. It might seem like a small gesture, but it gives me so much pleasure every time I glance over at the stereo.

Now, I play music and I think of how lucky we are to have each other. Everyone should have someone in their life who gives gifts for no occasion rather than gifting out of a sense of obligation.

*Planetarium* – Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly and James McAlister
*Tallulah* – The Go-Betweens

Years later…

Years ago, when I realised there was a big hole in my music where the Go-Betweens should exist, someone on social media told me to get "Tallulah". (Actually, I believe they followed that up with "or any one of their records that contain double letters in the title".)

Recently Lyndal found it in a second-hand record store in the suburbs of Osaka, showed it to me and I took the opportunity to be more complete. Thanks to whoever suggested it originally and, of course, to Lyndal for her keen eye and insistence on having "just a quick look in this store".

Remembering when U2 sued Negativeland because they hated criticism

It's supposed to be a tribute to The Clash but just like the tribute to Joey Ramone, it sounds like a tribute to U2.

via The Nightwatchman: I Thought I'd Give That New U2 Album In My itunes Library A Listen..

I used to really like U2 and then I saw a concert that showed they had no sense of humour. I thought the lack of sense of humour might have been something Phil Janou shot and edited for in Rattle and Hum, but no. It turns out they were just a bunch of people believed their own hype.

I still really like BB King.

Also, how funny is Glenn Peters?