Lorem ipsum is bad for design.

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We use content to realise the goal of any design. A wireframe without an understanding of the content is an easy step towards meaningless layout.

The problem for designers, who are so proud of being the solvers of problems, is that content, and particularly the text, is often absent before the design needs to be completed.

Rather than solve the problem, they absolve themselves of the responsibility by using placeholder text, known as “lorem ipsum”.

As far as placeholder text goes, lorem ipsum is probably the most meaningless. It is a bastardised quote that has been rendered non-sensical even in its original language, Latin.

Good design should have nothing meaningless in it.

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Whither Benefit of the Doubt?

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One of the things I’ve been thinking about, with my own jobs, is “by doing this, am I making the world a better place?” When I work in a team, improving a situation or solving a problem is central to everything else we do. It’s an attitude we try to encourage at Floate and that I try to put forward in all the other work I do.

That, however, does not seem to be the response from bloggers and journalist in this country. This is what I see happening: a large organisation announces a new website or application is in the works and the knee-jerk response is to criticise or mock it based only on the information in a media release.

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