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Dropping Science

Since early childhood, I’ve been trying to learn all I can. Science is everything; it’s not just physics. It’s the way of understanding your environment, the world around you. When we were younger, whatever we felt was interesting enough to write about we would write about it. And science has always been that something for me.

GZA in his piece "GZA Speaks: The Lost Art of Lyricism", published on Medium

I've always been a fan of GZA's lyrical ability and his sense of art in his work. In this piece he shouts out to those who inspired him but also has some interesting points about how the world of hiphop is not now what it once was.

If you haven't yet caught up with the experiment Lyndal and I are doing for the year, you can check it out on the Novastalgia blog. It's about how, when we get older, we stop learning how to embrace the new.

I really enjoy dissecting the way GZA struggles with that conflict in this piece. We get older and we wonder why the world doesn't fit us anymore.