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Better than any motivational speaker

If you're sitting around worried about your life and how hard it is, you could do a lot worse than to listen to some recordings of Mike DeStefano (here's to absent friends).

I first came across DeStefano when I heard him do a story on The Moth Podcast about his wife dying in a hospice. Then I heard him tell another story about wanting to commit suicide.

The thing about DeStefano: He was really funny. He was laugh-out-loud-for-minutes-at-a-time funny.

In this interview with Marc Maron (fast forward about 20 minutes to get to the actual interview) he comes across with a philosophy that can only be described as simultaneously positive and misanthropic.

You'll be glad you listened and if he doesn't motivate you to be a better person you deserve all the shit you get dumped on you.