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Screenshot of Shane Warne appearing on the Project (TV Show)

Meanwhile, Shane Warne seems to have spent so much money on his face that he can no longer afford collars for his shirts.

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Picture of Billy Brownless with a caption that reads—A tearful Billy Brownless tells The Footy Show that rumours Garry Lyon had an affair with his 20-year-old daughter are hurtful and untrue.

Drama trumps sport. Somewhere, someone is writing a Medium post about what the AFL has learnt from WWE.

Years later…

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The Go-Between's record "Tallulah": the cover sits behind a turntable with the record playing.

Years ago, when I realised there was a big hole in my music where the Go-Betweens should exist, someone on social media told me to get “Tallulah”. (Actually, I believe they followed that up with “or any one of their records that contain double letters in the title”.)

Recently Lyndal found it in a second-hand record store in the suburbs of Osaka, showed it to me and I took the opportunity to be more complete. Thanks to whoever suggested it originally and, of course, to Lyndal for her keen eye and insistence on having “just a quick look in this store”.

Opinions != Science: a meditation on a dilemma of responsibility

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This morning I saw Sept. 11 conspiracy theories in my Facebook feed.

There is so much wrong with this that I don’t even know where to begin.

Can we start with gravity? It’s not a speed. It’s an accelerative force.

Actually, I changed my mind. I shouldn’t begin at all because it’s not going to make a shred of difference.

The situation is hopeless. People will continue to believe the lies they choose and criticise others for doing the same in the opposite direction.

Maybe we can adapt Newton’s third law into a means of accepting that people will find a way to justify their opinions:

For every truth, there is an equal and opposite lie.

At least then it’s out of our hands. It’s a law of nature.

If I can accept that there’s nothing I can do to stop people spouting hateful bullshit that helps no one, then I don’t get dragged into an argument about it. Then there is a bit more peace in the world.

On the other hand, if I don’t fight ignorance at every turn, am I letting it win? Will it grow and take over?

Maybe, instead of looking at the argument, I need to look behind the argument. Maybe I need to ask why someone is more willing to believe that a secret cabal coordinated a massive lie and cover-up operation after murdering thousands of humans.

I need to find out what is causing them to think that’s a more plausible theory than the one we witnessed.

If I can work out how it helps them live, maybe I can provide an alternative source of that same mental or emotional sustanance that won’t lead them to cause other people harm.

Because this is what stabs me in the gut whenever I see these conspiracy theories: the people spreading them might not even know how hurtful they are. They don’t take into consideration the families who look for closure in their mourning. They don’t consider that their accusations can snowball into a lynch-mob looking for an outsider to blame. They don’t take into account any of the consequences of their own actions.

They’ve probably never seen “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street“. 

So maybe the solution is sitting them down, making them watch it, and then opening a dialogue about their actions rather than their beliefs.

Because it’s not the difference in belief that matters; it’s how we act in respect to that belief that impacts our society’s stability.

Cool. I have that on DVD. This is going to be easy.