Standard Bearing

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An end-user may not notice or care if you stick a form class on your form element, but you should. You should care about bloating your markup and slowing down the user experience. You should care about readability. And if you’re getting paid to do this stuff, you should care about being the sort of professional who doesn’t write redundant slop.

Tim Baxter in ‘Meaningful CSS: Style Like You Mean It’A List Apart

I’ve had this argument with colleagues a lot over the years. Attention to detail is important. The errors that come from a lack of attention to detail are what used to separate professionals from dilettantes. It doesn’t matter that most people won’t notice. It should matter that you know the difference between excellence and slop and that you reach for the former and are ashamed of the latter.

It’s why having standards is so important.

Hashtag ‘Winning’

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My life is winning. I win. I know how to win. Most people don’t know how to win.

Donald Trump, quoted in ‘Your Wednesday Evening Briefing: Donald Trump, Elizabeth II, Harriet Tubman’ – The New York Times

Now I’m sure Donald “Drumpf” Trump hired Charlie Sheen as an advisor.

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Screenshot of Shane Warne appearing on the Project (TV Show)

Meanwhile, Shane Warne seems to have spent so much money on his face that he can no longer afford collars for his shirts.

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Picture of Billy Brownless with a caption that reads—A tearful Billy Brownless tells The Footy Show that rumours Garry Lyon had an affair with his 20-year-old daughter are hurtful and untrue.

Drama trumps sport. Somewhere, someone is writing a Medium post about what the AFL has learnt from WWE.

Years later…

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The Go-Between's record "Tallulah": the cover sits behind a turntable with the record playing.

Years ago, when I realised there was a big hole in my music where the Go-Betweens should exist, someone on social media told me to get “Tallulah”. (Actually, I believe they followed that up with “or any one of their records that contain double letters in the title”.)

Recently Lyndal found it in a second-hand record store in the suburbs of Osaka, showed it to me and I took the opportunity to be more complete. Thanks to whoever suggested it originally and, of course, to Lyndal for her keen eye and insistence on having “just a quick look in this store”.