Spending 27 years with one mindset

A 1987 news report has surfaced showing a 22-year-old Joe Hockey protesting university fees in Sydney.

via Video shows Joe Hockey protesting university fees in 1987 | SBS News.

I'm no fan of Joe Hockey. I never have been. Sometimes I call him "Joe Cock-ey" privately because I like to be infantile at times. Also, because sometimes he acts like a cock*.

He has presided over one of the most punitive budgets in recent memory, so it's clear he's no fan of mine, either.

What I'm saying is there's a lot not to like about Joe Hockey.

But I don't think that means that we have to hold people to account for something they believed in strongly 27 years ago.

I also don't think that we should take delight in old footage, photos or audio that exists just to embarrass someone while not actually talking about the issues.

Somewhere there is a photo of me and my brother wearing matching tracksuits AND sneakers. We don't do that anymore. Don't call us on it. We just changed the way we like to dress (or who we allowed to dress us).

People change their minds over time. Sometimes their minds are changed for them with briefcases over-loaded with cash. Sometimes it just takes a convincing argument or an understanding of new evidence.

So, stop the chortling about implied hypocrisy and focus back on the issue so that we can actually solve it rather than just whinge.

* Please take this with the cheeky ambiguity with which it was intended (and don't sue).