Making everybody like you

"We must make it clear that Labor is not for one group of Australians, or one sector of the economy, at the expense of others."

via 'Bill Shorten urges changes to ALP union membership rules and leadership selection' from ABC News.

Well, this is just ridiculous. The idea of a political party is that it protects the needs of a particular segment of society. Trying to please everybody shows that the party no longer has a sense of what is important.

Put another way, a political party is based around an ideology. If that ideology no longer exists, the political party doesn't have a reason to exist.

The labour movement in Australia is in trouble. The Labor party is in trouble. The world has changed. No one will protect the workers any more. No one is protecting the small-business owner either.

By trying to be a party of/for everyone, the ALP will completely sell out the people who they should represent in the house. This will be to everybody's detriment.