How Daniel Ricciardio’s unfortunate position might be to the world’s benefit

New F1 rules prohibit the use of more than 100kg of petrol an hour.

via "Cruel twist for disqualified Daniel Riccardio" in The Australian.

The idea of fuel consumption in a Formula 1 race is a positive move. It encourages manufacturers to develop more fuel-efficient engines.

Ricciardo's position is one of a team-member. The entire team is stripped of its second place position, not just Ricciardo. But he is part of a team and has to wear its failings.

Maybe instead of focusing on the hardship of the Australian driver we should look to Mercedes and ask how they managed to get those speeds on less fuel consumption.

Formula 1 technologies progress to domestic vehicles over time and better fuel consumption in powerful engines is something the market will definitely be interested in.