Selfish Animals

Former Townsville mayor Tony Mooney earns $250,000 a year working for a coal company, and Queensland's top public servant Jon Grayson owns a one-sixth shareholding in a company called Gasfields Water and Waste Services.

Both men helped set the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's position on ports at a number of board meetings.

via Great Barrier Reef board members Tony Mooney and Jon Grayson accused of conflict of interest over links to mining firms - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

The Common or Indian Myna… is an introduced pest bird and their population is spreading rapidly… They are territorial and highly aggressive birds who compete with and displace native wildlife for habitat areas. They take over tree hollows and plug up nest sites they are not using, forcing possums and birds out and ejecting nestlings and eggs from their nests.  They also compete with native fauna for food and habitat.

via Indian Myna Birds.

Yesterday there were reports that the federal opposition intended to support repealing the carbon tax.

Short-term self-preservation often seems like the best tactic but so often it undermines long-term sustainability.

We called ours the lucky country. Luck is a bastion of ignorance. We act and there are consequences. Consequences can benefit a few, they can benefit many, or they can doom all.

Now is an appropriate time for melodramatic statements.