More reverb in death

Also, Boxcutters is starting to feel like one of those children’s programmes where they use changes in acting staff to tell kids about death. Only with more reverb.

Long time listener of Boxcutters from Canada, Sophie, as a comment on Ep 347: The Starlost | Boxcutters.

Boxcutters is a podcast I do about television. I have done so for 8 years with some very special people. The show is going through many changes.

I've been very lucky to be able to do some wonderful things with some very talented people over the past eight years. I look forward to doing new things and I'm excited that new things will happen with something I helped create.

I like to think that Boxcutters was a magical island that could travel through time and tie us together. It will always be there but things won't always be done the same way.