Using the correct conjunction

According to a 2005 documentary, Paret had allegedly enraged Griffith prior to the bout by taunting him in Spanish with the deeply offensive homophobic slur "maricon" faggot.

Griffith, who married dancer Mercedes Donastrog in 1971 but later admitted to being bisexual, claimed victory over Paret with a savage 12th-round assault.

via Bisexual boxer Emile Griffith, who killed Benny Paret in the ring, dies |

"But" is a conjunction that implies a preclusive relationship. "And" is a much more appropriate conjunction.

Also, odd that a boxer who has killed a person in the ring should have sexuality mentioned at all. I still fail to see how it's important to the way a person lives their life.

Will my obituary ever mention my "vanilla" lifestyle?