Removing excuses

I hate excuses.

This morning I didn't do exercise because I didn't know where my apple earbuds were. So I lay in bed because "How can I be expected to run if I don't have earbuds?"

So this afternoon I bought myself earbuds. Cost me $35 and some time.

Fuck me and my bullshit excuses.

Excuses are the way of the fat fuck who won't change despite all the evidence for and expressed desire to change.

If I remove the excuses, all that I'm left with is the task or the truth about my ugly laziness.

The thing about laziness is that it is a choice. The thing about truth is that we have to live with it.

Then it just becomes about choosing the truth we would much rather live with.

I bought myself earbuds and I will try again tomorrow because I know which truth I'd prefer to live with.

You can't spell "excuse" without "shutthefuckup".