Being old and entitled

“We have paid additional Medicare levy, flood levy (because we earn too much) and now they expect us to pay more in Medicare levy. However, we will not be entitled to get anything from a disability scheme because we are over 60”.[sic]

A reader quoted in Matt Young's portion of the article 'Would you pay $300 to support the disabled?' on

Yes, reader over 60 years old. You're not entitled to anything from the NDIS but you were entitled to free tertiary education and affordable home ownership.

You are currently entitled to discounts on everything from privately subsidised movie tickets to government subsidised public transport. As you get older and require more medical attention, that will also come to you for free or heavily subsidised, either way, through taxation.

The rest of us are subsidising your existence in so many ways. You know what? Disabled people with jobs subsidise your fucking healthcare.

We help each other out in this country. That's what makes it a great place to live. If you don't want to be a part of that, then leave society. But while you're here, you give a little and you take a little. The people who can afford to give a bit more do and the people who can't might have to take a little until they can get back on their feet.

And then there are those who might actually not be able to get on their feet because their legs don't work. They need a bit more help so they can then contribute and help the rest of us enjoy the luxuries we have.