Geographical conversions, currencies and drugs

A French tycoon has discovered to his horror that his private jet was being used in an attempt to smuggle $60 million-worth of cocaine out of the Caribbean.

via The Age.

When the Age reprints an article like this from the Guardian, what effort is taken to adjust the price of the drugs for geographical differences.

My understanding is that heroin and methamphetamine are quite cheap in Australia while cocaine is significantly cheaper in Europe. My understanding might be mistaken.

The paper has taken the trouble of converting the cost in euros or pounds into dollars, but if we're already going to that trouble, why not try to be even more accurate.

According to this report, cocaine is only around $85 per gram. I know a few people who would gladly donate their septum for a chance at that price.

At the very least they should put the price in context, otherwise some Age readers might be in for some extraordinary sticker shock.