A Better Kind of Normal

Tomorrow we go back to recording Boxutters. There seems like so much television to talk about.

We've only been away for about 3 weeks but it seems like so much more.

I was thinking about all the things I need to do to prepare for it. There's lots of TV to watch, for starters. I still haven't caught up on the second season of Friday Night Lights and already there are new shows starting that need my attention.

Last night I was trying to explain to somebody how watching television and seeing movies for me is work. They thought that meant that I can't enjoy it. I can, I said, but it's just not relaxing. I don't watch TV to relax.

This was something of a shock. It was like I said "when I murder people for money I feel no remorse". It was just unfathomable to this other person.

Then fear set in: if I don't really watch television to relax, what does relax me? Now I'm all nervous because I think that maybe I don't know how to relax. What do people do when they relax? When do they have the time? I always seem to have something to do, some agenda, some task.

Relaxation? Nobody ever did anything good through relaxation.


Now I'm going to watch some TV and concentrate on it, dammit.