How we’re all broken

I wanted to write over the past few weeks but, instead, I researched ways I could post on my blog without having to log in to my WordPress site.

Then I changed the theme.

I started to adjust the theme: About 30 minutes lost researching new Google fonts I could use in the theme to make it more mine.

Returning to my earlier challenge, I searched again for ways to post directly to WordPress from Sublime Text 3, my chosen text editor. It turns out there used to be a way but it hasn’t been updated in years and everyone says it’s broken.

Meanwhile, ideas & brilliant thoughts, they all vanished from my head.

Important discussion points about how the world works, that I felt so necessary to impart, are now disappeared into the procrastiverse.

At some point I made choices withouth actual awareness.

Like that point, earlier today, when I picked up my phone to look at something and then forgot which cute and shiny icon I wanted to tap.

This is mindfulness’s opposite.