Dealing with others


In the constant striving to be better at what I do, I lose sight of the things that are also meaningful.

Being better at my work, improving my level of professionalism and my desire to achieve even more, is often counteracted by my impatience with others.

Yesterday someone gave me a compliment. It made me feel good. It was a compliment I could pass on to and share with someone else I work with. To not have done that would be selfish so I called and left him a message.

Then I wrote this note to myself to remember how good receiving the compliment felt.

A large part of my job revolves around finding problems. Sometimes (almost always) this blinkers me into only focusing on problems. I instantly reassess the good parts of something into the way they should have always been in the first place instead of being appreciative that they were done well before trying to bring everything else up to that standard.

This is my failing and many people have worn its by-product of impatience. I'm sorry about that.

Next time I will maybe remember to take a moment and apply this note. If I forget, I'm sorry. Habits take a while to develop and even longer to remove.

This is a new habit I'm trying to create. I'm not going to lie and say its all going to be better instantly but I'm trying to make this bit better from now on.