Why Have I Been So Lazy?

So I resolved last weekend to try to do some exercise every day. Originally the plan was to go to the gym first thing in the morning but, quite frankly, that sucks as an idea.

I still like the gym and it serves a purpose. Monday morning I was there at 6:15 having also been on Saturday and Sunday. Three in a row was good but yesterday morning I just couldn't be arsed. Who could? It's no way to live your life, getting exercise only on a machine and going nowhere.

So instead I decided to walk to work. It's only 40 minutes and it was a beautiful 17 degrees. I did it and it felt good.

There's this park on my way to work that is a huge dog park in the morning. Lots of dogs smiling with balls in their mouths and loving it. It's fun to watch.

At night the park turns into a beat. Lots of dogs smiling with balls in their mouths and loving it -- or so is my understanding.

Anyway, I also walked home yesterday. And then I walked to work today. I'm like a walking machine now. It feels good to do it and it's nowhere near as depressing as catching the bus.

So what else have I been missing out on because I was too lazy? Probably a lot. In fact, I know it's a lot. I have a list in my head that repeats itself and I beat myself up over it and make myself feel bad which makes me not want to do anything and thus the circle is unbroken.

Well, no more, I say.

I AM THE KING OF FRESH STARTS! (I've tried to do this before but failed due to laziness.)