Comedy festival gets off!

This is the first year in the last 14 that has seen me have absolutely no responsibility during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I always though that this would be like some kind of torture but it's actually the most relaxed I've been in April for as long as i can remember. I can finally see my friends' shows and enjoy them without any need to judge them.

So far it's been two shows on night one. Last night I was lucky enough to see the wonderful Meshel Laurie premiere her new show 'Shadow of my Former Self'. It is, without a doubt, the best thing she's ever done.

I followed that up with the first of Justin Hamilton's 'Three Colours Hammo' trilogy. The man is getting very close to brilliance and to see his progress over the years has been pure pleasure.

Go out and see something. Make it local and ask me if you're not sure.