Solving some small problems

One of the great things about being a generalist design firm is the versatility it allows us.

Recently we’ve made a couple of things that were borne out of one of our regular “Wouldn’t it be good if…?” discussions.

  • Wouldn’t it be good if a there was a simple way for designers to pull together all their work, social streams and points of interest on the web?
  • Wouldn’t it be good if there was a way for a WordPress administrator to publish the work of numerous authors without having to set up individual users and dealing with complicated permissions?

They might be intended as rhetorical: the implicit answer is “yes”. But there’s no point sitting around wishing something was different.

We just went ahead and made these questions obsolete, changing the answer from “yes” to “that thing you want exists.”

Miedinger is a Tumblr theme we created to combine LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and directly uploaded pieces all in one spot. Its subtly textured background and Helvetica-inspired icons help to bring attention to the content without drawing attention to the theme.

Ghostwriter is a WordPress plugin that allows an administrator to create author profiles without having to create individual users for each contributor. It’s perfect for an organisation with an offline content approval process.

Both of these helpers are available now and for free. Sometimes it’s nice to solve a problem without even being asked to.

This post was originally published in the Floate Design Partners blog