Why job searching is hard

Due to circumstances beyond my control I find myself looking for work again. It's a shit place to be in and reminds me of how depressed I became last time. I try to keep my spirits up and, having only just started looking for jobs, I use all my positive energy to not take the first few rejections to heart.

However, this becomes a much more difficult task when I see job ads like the one from Fenton Consulting, looking for a Web Master (which in itself is such a frustrating term -- maybe the job should come with a cape and staff and a 12-sided die*).

To be successful in this position you will be a highly experienced Web Master who has demonstrated experience in a digital production environment with emphasis on delivery via the WWW. You will also have expertise as a Visual Designer and have skills in the field of digital media development. Experience with web tools such as HTML, Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, Shockwave, Director, Shell Scripting and other multimedia development tools is also a requirement. Excellent communication and organizational skills are a must.

I mean, really. They seem to want everything and nothing. Yes, a lot of web-people have a background in visual design but how many people with a background in graphics know how to code in Java? And what are these "other multimedia tools" they ask for? If they're a requirement, wouldn't listing them help with the selection process? I doubt they would expect the same wide range of skill sets from any other employee. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they require their accountants to also tap-dance and cook a soufflé.

Meanwhile have they even noticed that in their final demand, while asking for someone with excellent communication skills they also misspelled "organisational"? It doesn't have a 'Z' in it. Not in this country.

Ooh. So mad. So early in the morning.

* I'm thinking about changing the singular to "douse". Any thoughts?