The importance of wrong-doing and other elusive concepts

I want nothing more than to do my work in peace. I began my career as someone who understood the importance of exposing corruption and wrong doing (sic).… We deserve a government that protects its citizens no matter whom they have offended or embarrassed.

'No longer true, just red, white and blue'—JULIAN ASSANGE, News Limited Network

Assange's credibility as someone who stands up for what's right would be a lot stronger if his actions showed concern for the truth over personal safety. His refusal to face allegations of rape to save himself is the equivalent of a government's unsavoury actions under the pretense of protecting it's country.

Doing the right thing is a very complicated act. Assange would like us to believe it's a binary option for governments. His situation is a micro model for the delicate and complicated scenarios governments face every day.

We would all be better off if there were role models who could admit to making mistakes. As citizens we should be more tolerant of our government's errors so they feel more comfortable trying to correct them. Similarly, it is time for governments to give Assange the opportunity to admit he made a mistake and give him a guarantee that the only punishment he would receive is that related to the rape he is accused of, if found guilty.

Humility should not be seen as a sign of weakness but as an understanding that we are all fallible.

Is it possible to be humble but also strong enough to make decisions? Of course it is but it takes patience and cooperation. Those traits should be seen as our emotional opposable thumbs.