Israeli Court Clears Army of Rachel Corrie’s Death

Cindy Corrie, the victim’s mother, says she relies on the U.S. government to help the family “find some accountability for this.”


At some point the parents will need to face the fact that a large amount of accountability lies with their daughter who stood in front of a bulldozer.

The point of her activism was that she was putting herself in a dangerous situation to prove her own conviction. Some activists put themselves in harm's way to prove a point. Some put others in danger. All need to claim responsibility or assume culpability for the outcome.

It is very sad that a 23 year-old woman lost her life fighting for what she believed in. People lose their lives fighting these battles every day. Some are in the right, some are in the wrong.

The woman who died is the woman the Corries raised. No amount of litigation is going to make them feel better until they accept who their daughter was and that she died as a result of her own choices.

That realisation is very difficult to come to terms with but no good will come out of any other response.