Radio presenter Howson suspended for Nazi gibe

Howson responded by screaming on air, "Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!" as Ms Assange hung up the phone. He later said he was pointing out the "Nazi mentality" of those who tried to censor him.

'Radio presenter Howson suspended for Nazi gibe' from The Sydney Morning Herald.

Howson is guilty of so many things in this one incident that a four week suspension from being on-air is nowhere near harsh enough.

Use of "Nazi" as an adjective for censors or strict regulations displays a misunderstanding of the actions of the Nazis from World War II Germany as well as the neo-Nazis who have come up since.

Its use in this context trivialises the human rights abuses performed by these people.

A person who cannot understand the power of words and who has no reverence in their use should not be allowed to return to our airwaves. Opinions are a right but broadcasting is a privilege provided by the people.

We also cannot be sure he is aware of the meaning of the phrase "unreservedly apologise".