MySpace buys Print Shop for $US 2.5

Social media network, MySpace, announced this morning that it had negotiated to purchase the banner and greeting card software Print Shop.

“We’ve tried to find a way for our users to appropriately welcome new ”adds“ to their MySpace page,” said Barry Normal, a representative for the social media company that was purchased by News Corp. in 2005 for $580m and last year was on-sold to Specific Media for $US 35m.

“Lurid colors and automatically playing music are the ways of the past. The future is in location-specific, dot-matrix-printed banners,” said Normal.

“The price was right and there was non better time than now.”

Jane Tulliver, the previous owner of the software was amazed at the sale.

“We kind of put it out in the garage sale as a joke,” she said.

“It was a pirated version on a five and a quarter inch floppy. There wasn’t even any original packaging.”

The floppy disk had a price of $3 on it.

“It was a tough negotiation,” said Normal. “We managed to get a ream of continuous letter-sized paper thrown in as well for $2.50.”

“We think our online community will be very happy with the outcome.”

MySpace is now looking to hire staff familiar with DOS 5.1 command line instructions.

This entire piece is fiction