Podcasts I listen to

Last night @arrtwest asked me if I listen to any podcasts other than my own.

@sealfur do podcasters listen to podcasts? other than their own of course…we all know you podcasters are megalomaniacs ;-)

Of course I do. My listening week is almost entirely podcasts.

Some of what I listen to is made by my friends:

  • Justin Hamilton’s look at the world of stuff he’s interested in, Can You Take This Photo has some great interviews and nerds it up big time.
  • Sometimes I like to hear my poof mates talk about gay stuff in way too much homo detail. That’s when I prick up my ears for some the Poofcast from Talking Poofy.

When I get my media coverage on, I turn to NPR in the US:

  • I like how On The Media covers every single medium with seemingly equal contempt.
  • Santa Monica is as close as I like to get to Hollywood and I enjoy The Business for my show biz news.
  • For in-depth interviews with people who make movies, I can’t go past Elvis Mitchell’s The Treatment.

I need to get information about the world and how it works. For those things I listen to:

There’s this thing I would call “modern knowledge”. It’s more than just tech. It’s also how we interact with it and use it in our lives:

  • Merlin Mann has yells at me about being more passionate in his new podcast;
  • New and interesting web apps get discussed on The Social Hour;
  • Then, for a very literal discussion of the topic I turn to the excellent local Radio National show, Future Tense;

Sometimes, though, I just want to sit back and get my funny haha taken care of. In that case it’s time for:

  • Jonathan Goldstein’s description of my sliding doors life in Wiretap;
  • The news mocked and thrown on the floor by The Bugle;
  • and sometimes three guys talk about not very much in a pretty funny way in You Look Nice Today.

So that’s it. Actually, that’s not it. There’s a whole lot more that I listen to every now and then but those are the ones I download weekly. Some of them are podcast only and some of them are podcasts of radio shows. Either way, I want my audio entertainment on my own schedule and that’s how I get it.