Round 3: A Change of Dice

Last week there was a draw. Also, my dice tipped a draw. That was lucky. What was unlucky was that the drawn game and the game I tipped to be a draw were completely different. Not even on the same day. Stupid dice.

I realised that, using 20-sided dice, my chances of tipping a draw were just 1/20. That's just too high to be a proper random model of a non-random event, or something.

So this week I've changed my rules. Now I use 2 x 100-sided dice to determine the winner of home and away matches. I still use the 1 x 100-sided die for the margin.

Last week I only tipped 3 and the winner of the comp yet again tipped 6. These are my tips for this week.

  • Collingwood to beat Carlton by 36 points
  • W. Bulldogs to lose to Gold Coast
  • Adelaide to lose to Fremantle
  • Richmond to beat Hawthorn
  • West Coast to lose to Sydney
  • Melbourne to lose to Brisbane
  • Geelong to beat Port Adel.
  • St. Kilda to beat Essendon
  • North Melb. Bye