Clothes maketh the story

The Schappelle Corby case has been reopened in Bali today. While travelling there were a number of people who asked me about the case and what the feelings of the Australian people were. I struggled to find an answer that could sum up the confusion regarding her innocence. I watched the judgement as it was given and it seemed that she was guilty of a very specific crime. That crime was taking drugs through customs into Indonesia and therefor "importing" them into the country. The other charges were never even read and judgement was given on them so there's never been a definitive court ruling on whether or not the bag of wacky-tabaccy was actually hers and whether or not there was intent to import, distribute, sell or throw a massive down-key party.

Of course none of this really matters. The Corby family have, apparently, cashed in with Channel 9 and both parties should be found guilty of exploiting what must be a horrific experience for any Australian traveller.

And none of that matters either because all the Australian public cares about is what Schappelle is wearing today. Thankfully the article in today's Age, Corby faces court as case reopens, has that answer for us:

"Corby was caught in a media crush as she arrived at the Denpasar District Court today.
Wearing a white shirt and blacks pants, said nothing as she was taken through the melee." -- The Age