Charlie Pickering: Rodeo, Burqa, Circumcision

20110406-003611.jpg9:45 pm 5 April, The Quilt Room, Trades Hall

I've known Charlie for a very long time and I've seen him do some great comedy festival shows. Unfortunately this was little more than a lazy hour of stand up. He can do better and I hope he knows it.

So, in the spirit of that laziness, for the rest of this review I'll just put up some of my mnemonic-style notes and you can imagine what you want.

  • No offense work harder.
  • Hindenburg
  • Hoddle St
  • Floods
  • Christchurch
  • Japan
  • 5 year old rope
  • I wish the show was called "what's your name captain"
  • N word
  • N bomb
  • Attempts at connecting
  • Entertaining the troops

Barely written, while in bed, having seen three shows in one night and not able to be bothered any more.