Lawrence Leung: Wants a Jet Pack


8:15 pm 5 April, New Ballrom, Trades Hall

Lawrence Leung has always wanted to fly with a jet pack. This is the story of him trying to do that.

Leung has always had great ideas for his live shows and this is no exception. It's a fun exploration into the world of the rocketeer, inventions and chasing childhood dreams. He knows how to get a nerd audience excited. I just wish he was a better performer. That's kind of the sacrifice he makes for having such brilliant ideas. His stage presence needs directions.

LL has always been a little stagey, a little forced. If he managed to come across a bit more naturalistic and comfortable, he'd be an unstoppable force. So maybe having that flaw isn't so bad after all.

Maybe the lesson here is to be content with a guy who puts a lot of effort into his shows and ends up with a really enjoyable hour of entertainment. What he loses with lack of stagecraft he more than makes up for with gutsy concepts and big ideas.

Fumbled out of my hands during what remained of the 219 bus rode home, a couple of hours after seeing the show (including seeing another show in between).