Josh Earl: Love Songs and Dedications

20110406-004215.jpg7:00pm 5 April, New Ballroom, Trades Hall

The title itself sets up the audience for the sentimentality of Josh Earl's show.

For those who have never seen him, he sometimes sings songs, and they're funny. Other times he tells some great long ranty bits that are also funny.

He looks like a 14 year-old which can sometimes serve to make his jokes about sex dirtier than they are.

The show holds with a device of a radio call in show during which listeners can dedicate love songs to one another. Earl's message is that romance is not found in the love songs, sunsets and flowers but in action and the smaller moments.

It's sweet and sentimental but it's also funny. That's important. What's also important is that Earl tackles subject matter that comedians often shy away from. Emotions and abstract concepts like love and romance represent larger hurdles than concrete topics like current events. For that alone he should be applauded. It takes courage and conviction to stick with romance as a topic for an hour.

It's cute, it's sweet, it's funny and it's over in time for your 8pm dinner reservation in Lygon St. What's not to like?

Written on my iPhone while waiting for the 219 bus with a full bladder having also seen two other shows and just wanting to get home already.

DISCLAIMER: Josh Earl occupies studio 2 at 3RRR while we record Boxcutters in studio 1 on a Monday night. Also, his management are clients of Soupgiant.