Dice Do for Footy Tipping


I don't really follow footy. I come from Melbourne and therefore am congenitally obliged to barack for a team. That team, for me, is Carlton. If pressed, however, I'll admit that I barack for the 1982 Carlton team, which was the last time Bruce Doull played and won a premiership.

When Doull retired at the end of the 1986 season, my enjoyment of football began to wane. Doull was then as old as I am now.

I'm involved in a footy tipping competition with one of my clients. This client is footy mad, and yes, I mean the entire organisation. It's a family-run business and their offices are filled with St Kilda memorabilia.

I can't compete in a footy tipping competition in any real sense. I don't know enough about the league now. I don't care either. One year my interest came so close to zero that it was virtually indistinguishable when drawing the graph. Who knew that interest could be asymptotic?

That being said, I want to participate because there are fun prizes like Gold Class passes to be won.

So I do the only thing that makes sense to me. I leave it up to the dice.

I roll two 20-sided dice. Anything less is just too likely to result in a draw. One die is assigned as the home team and the other is the away team. Whichever is greater is the winner of that match.

The tie-breaker is decided with a single roll of a d100.

With that nerdy display, I present you my tips for round 1 of the AFL's 2011 home and away season.

  • Carlton to beat Richmond by 83 points
  • Geelong to beat St. Kilda
  • Collingwood to beat Port Adel.
  • Adelaide to lose to Hawthorn
  • Brisbane to lose to Fremantle
  • Essendon to beat W. Bulldogs
  • Melbourne to beat Sydney
  • West Coast to lose to North Melb.
  • Gold Coast Bye

I'll keep posting my tips for as long as I can be bothered for any stats freaks who are interested.