Last chance to make me happy (about this)

Next week I'll finally be getting my new MacBook Pro.

I'd really like you to be a part of it which is why you can donate now.

A lot of you know that I've recently begun my new career as an antisocial media expert.

Of course, a lot of you also know that this is a joke. Many of you thought it funny and some of you might even have thought it funny enough to throw $5 my way so that I can buy a new MacBook Pro and get my work done quicker and with less complaining.

$5 will get you my sincere thanks.

For $25 dollars you get a personalised and signed photo of me with the computer.

For $125 you'll receive the photo and also have the honour of being on a list of people mentioned, in laser label maker fashion, on the lid of the computer.

For $625 you can have your name engraved on the lid of the computer where it will remain for all time and for all to see.

Go on. Help me keep making the world a better place with my podcasts, charming humour, interesting blog pieces and unique look at the world by providing me with the ability to purchase a new computer.

Fight the plateau and keep hope alive for this little boy inside a 36 year old man's body.

Here's a pretty (sad) graph:


Thanks to all the very wonderful people who have donated so far. As soon as I have my computer I'll take the photos, sign them and mail them out.