The Solution for our Country

I've stayed out of this whole election debacle for as long as I can but it seems like the rest of you can't make up your minds so I'm going to have to step in.*

Here's what I think we should do:

Because the country voted overwhelmingly for the monarchy, the Queen** should come over here and just point at random people. "Thou, thou, thou, thou, thou, and.... thou. Form thyselves a governing body of this colony," she will say. Those people will form the first citizens assembly once the Queen has trotted off on her sidesaddle horse and they can stand up out of the mud.

Pass that idea on to your politicalians so we can all get some rest. It's clearly what the country wants.

Or else, I think last Monday's qanda panel would make a nice government. T Jones as leader, Albrechtson as Parliamentary Opinionator, Mr Independant as the Minister for not wanting to be a minister or anything, Green lady as Minister of Naive Comments and Whale Births, Arbib as Minister for Absenteeism, Richo as Minister for Taking Credit, and Turnbull as Minister of getting Lefties to love a Conservative and wearing leather jackets.

There's your government. Everybody else can just keep talking about what they would do if elected and meanwhile those people can run the country.

Now, let's all get back to making this nation the poor cousin of whichever Northern Hemisphere English speaking country you choose.

* This was originally written as a post on my Facebook wall. I just copied and pasted most of it but thought it was too good to waste on only 446 of my closest friends.

** If the Queen can't make it, then it should be Prince Phillip or at the very least Brian May accompanied by the reanimated corpse of Freddie Mercury.