How Optus Helped Me Raise $600

There are lots of things I'm doing to earn and save money to get me to my macbook target. Recently I mentioned that I was almost at $1000 thanks to Optus and I wanted to explain the way that happened.

I had an iPhone 3G. I loved this phone. I used it all the time for everything. It doesn't make a great Vegemite spreader but I used it for that because you can use an iPhone for anything.

A known problem with the iPhone 3G is that the silent switch can fall off. Contrary to all the advice in the world, I bought the extended warranty with my phone because two years is a long time with Apple products and a few bucks a month can give me piece of mind.

So I took my phone in to be repaired. They told me it would take a couple of weeks to get it fixed. Fine. Could they give me a loaner phone in the meantime? No. But what they did do is credit my account with $100 so I could buy a phone. I bought a shitty little Nokia for $60 which means that Optus actually paid me $40 to take this shitty phone.

It turns out they don't fix iPhones. They just replace them. So three weeks later a brand new iPhone 3G (where do they keep this stockpile of previous model phones?) appeared at my door. I put that sucker on eBay and I netted just over $570 for it in auction.

That money went, BAM, straight into my macbook fund and now, thanks to another donation I received earlier today, I have over $1000.

You can see that the red line is just on the $1000 mark:

I've also dropped the total down to $2500 because that's a more realistic goal.

You can help by chucking me a few bucks..

Thanks so much to everybody who has helped so far, including Optus.