Wonderful People Make My Day

I awoke this morning to a delightful email from a member of the Boxcutters family. The wonderful Clare had put a lot of thought into the "Josh Kinal Needs a Reliable Mac Book" Fund.

I think it would really help to suggest a sum that would be appropriate to give. Suggesting a smallish sum will take away the problem some people face of not knowing how much to donate - some people can't afford much, but still want to help. By doing so people will know that they're not expected to give a huge donation, but that every little bit counts.

So here's what I was originally thinking. If all of my friends on Facebook and all of my Twitter followers would give up the cost of a cafe caffè latte/hot chocolate, that would get me really close to my target.

At the time of writing some really wonderful people have donated $260. That's absolutely amazing and I'm so grateful to them. Of course almost all of them donated over $25 with, I'm assuming, the photo incentive in mind.

I think, though, I'm more likely to reach my goal with lots of little payments. It would be sensational if I can get a third of the way by the end of the week. So if all my friends and followers donated $3-$5 to the "Josh Kinal Needs a Reliable Mac Book" Fund, I reckon we can get there.

Help me buy a more reliable Mac Book and I can continue to make the world a better place for everybody (except the bad people).

Here's the graph again. Every time a donation comes through that redgreen line reaches higher and higher.

And here's where to donate.

Some things I do with my current Mac Book:

  • Research, plan and write segments for Boxcutters.
  • Edit interviews and other audio for Boxcutters.
  • Help you fix your computer problems.
  • Code websites as part of my work with Soupgiant.
  • Write blog posts for Boxcutters, Little Running Bear and Big Red TIn.
  • Write entertaining and uplifting updates of Twitter and Facebook
  • Get frustrated and frightened when it doesn't boot properly, or when it makes unexpected grinding and flapping noises.