I Need Your Help

I've started a campaign to try to raise money to buy a new Mac Book. More correctly, a more reliable one.

I use this computer for almost everything I do: Writing, coding, podcasting. It comes everywhere with me. Every solo interview you've heard on Boxcutters, I've edited using my current Mac Book. All the weird bumpers I created for the podcast were done on the very same Mac Book.

If I offered you help, gave you advice, did research for you or sent you a delightful email, I did it on this Mac Book.

But this wonderful little miracle machine is over 3 years old. That's 68 in computer years! It's feeling its age now. Sometimes it doesn't start up properly. Sometimes it will lose its network connection as if to say "I can't go on."

Here is a graph of money raised thus far. The red line is the target.

Help to grow the red line by donating to the "Josh Kinal Needs a Reliable Mac Book" Fund.

Every donation of $25 or more receives a signed photo of me hugging (or working on) the new computer when I reach my goal. Remember to include the word "hug" or "work" with your donation.

Thanks for your help. With the new Mac Book I will continue to make the world a better place for everybody (except the bad people).