Where I’m writing

Just in case you think I've been absent from writing for all this time, I thought you might like to catch up on some other places on the web where you can find all the fascinating things I have to say and show you.

Big Red Tin is the blog Peter Wilson and I maintain for Soupgiant. If you're unfamiliar with Soupgiant, it's a web production house we started together about 8 months ago. I mostly write about my experiences in running a business and why we make certain decisions but in a really interesting and engaging way. Check out this example about bargains and why to avoid them.

Boxcutters is primarily a podcast all about television. We do, however, also add stuff the the blog from time to time. We're trying to do more reviews more often. For example, here's a piece I just uploaded about Supernatural.

I also write pithy little comments on Twitter and then collect other bits of the web I find interesting or amusing on Sealfur Micro.

So don't stress.

Now, let's all get a sandwich.